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New Zealand volunteer medical team performing life saving surgery on children born with heart disease.

  • “There are hundreds of children, from neighbouring countries of the Pacific that need our help to get life-saving cardiac care. They depend on the generosity and humanity of others to help them. I speak for the Hearts4Kids team when I say that we enjoy the privilege of using our expertise and time to reach some of the poorest children in the world to change their lives.” Kirsten Finucane Cardiac Surgeon & Project Leader
  • “These people did not hope for better health but their operations have completely changed their quality of life, or saved children who were otherwise going to die, and their gratitude is overwhelming. When you experience it you just want to keep going back.” Carol Robinson Intensive Care Nursing Lead

Each year in the Pacific, 350* children are born with congenital heart disease.

Unfortunately, they have limited access to life saving surgery.

With your help these children have the opportunity to lead active and fulfilling lives.

Please support the volunteer team at Hearts4Kids who hope to visit Fiji in 2017.

*based on population incidence estimates. See the About Us section

Proudly in partnership with:

  • ROMAC/Rotary
  • Friends of Fiji Heart Foundation
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