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As a Hearts4Kids supporter, your donation will help raise the $85,000 needed to send a medical team this year to Fiji to save the lives of 15 babies and children.

There are a number of ways to donate:

  • By direct credit transfer to the Hearts4Kids Trust bank account:
    Account number:
    (Kiwibank) 38-9016-0867144-01
    Account name:
    If donating by bank transfer, please reference your name, and email us on info@hearts4kids.org.nz with your contact details. We’d like to thank you and send you a receipt for your donation.
  • By cheque to:
    Hearts4Kids Trust, 15 Eastbourne Road, Remuera, Auckland 1050.
  • By credit card through our Hearts4Kids page on give a little

Thank you for your donation. Your support is vital. We are not funded by the Government and simply cannot do this without your help. All of the funds donated will be used specifically to operate and care for the children in Fiji. Priority will be given to purchase equipment, disposables and drugs.

What your donation buys in NZ dollars:

one of our success stories Buys everything needed for one child's heart operation - from the disinfectant bath before surgery (to minimise the chance of infection), through to the disposables to keep him/her alive on the heart lung machine. This includes shipping the special equipment to Fiji and the flights/accommodation/food for the specialist nurses volunteering to look after him/her 24/7 during the critical days after surgery.
suturesThanks to Obex providing sutures at half the retail price, $500 buys enough sutures to close the holes in 4 different children's hearts.
Buys the patch required to fix a hole between the 2 main chambers of the heart (VSD).
IV line Buys the IV lines and drip sets required for 1 child to safely make it through their hospital stay.
Pays for all the pain relief required for 1 child during and after their procedure.